4 Clear Signs of Home Water Damage

Water Damage

Homeowners know home water damage can be devastating to their property. But sometimes the signs are not obvious. Either way, the damage can significantly impact your home’s value.

Failure to notice initial signs allows the damage to worsen and for the necessary repairs to become more and more expensive.

Homeowners who know what to look for can impede the damage and prevent the most severe damages to occur. Here are the clear-cut signs of home water damage:

1) Utility Bill Spike

Not all water damage signs will be visual. A spike in your home’s utility bell is an obvious indication that water damage has invaded your house.

If your faucet leaks, for example, the utility bill will move up. It also might signify damage to the interior of your walls.

To know whether water damage just started, or if it has been brewing for a while, you must consult with a professional. They can perform a full inspection and identify and diagnose every issue that needs to be addressed.

By seeing the signs early, you can save your home from severe damage and cut your long-term restoration costs.

2) Ceiling Bubbles

Nothing says water damage more emphatically than a bubble coming from your ceiling. Imagine looking up at your ceiling and seeing a pronounced bubble. You would know something is wrong, but you may not know its origin. Either way, you should count on it being related to water damage.

These types of distortions to your property can manifest itself in other ways, both on your ceiling and elsewhere. Stains of any kind or wetness on your floors are both clear signs of potential water damage and should be addressed.

3) Disturbing Stench

Is there a foul smell intruding on your living space? If so, the odor could be rooted in the onset of home water damage. If such a smell is accompanied by mold, dampness, or a humid air stream, you can all but guarantee there’s a problem.

The smell itself is likely coming from mold. Bathrooms are a prime spot for such occurrences. If you notice any kind of disturbing stench you should get the problem addressed ASAP.

You may be wondering what exactly the smell is? Have you ever caught a whiff of drenched paper towels or cardboard? It’s very similar to that. Onsets of seasons can incite these kinds of incidents, so be aware of seasonal changes.

4) Noticeable Mold

Ceilings and walls are prime spots for mold. A yellowish stain is usually an obvious sign. Mold growth almost certainly equates to water damage of some kind.

As for what rooms these spots are most often noticed? Check out your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. What does each of these rooms have in common? Water use. It’s no secret that water use can lead to water damage.

Dampness of course can provide mold an environment in which to grow. Any sign of mold should be addressed by a professional, immediately. Not only can mold and water infiltration lead to foundation problems with your house, but the existence of mold is also a serious health hazard.

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