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An apartment in the process of restoration.

Proudly Serving the Florida Keys

If you live in the Florida Keys, having the number of a reliable restoration and cleaning service is essential. From extreme weather to normal wear and tear from the ocean air and the sun, your home or place of business can take a battering. But with the help of the professionals here at Fresh Start Restoration and Cleaning, you can keep your property looking pristine, orderly and beautiful. We do cleaning and restoration work that matches the beauty of the Keys themselves.

We Handle all the Work

So when you need restoration services in Florida Keys, we are the company you can count on. We are proud to offer a menu of restoration services that are unmatched by our competition. From water damage restoration to fire restoration, we have you covered no matter what. Get in touch with us at (305) 849-1225 for world-class cleaning and restoration service.

When you hire us for cleaning or restoration services in Florida Keys, we come directly to your property fully equipped with everything we will need to complete the task at hand. Our past customers have remarked at how quick and simple we made various cleaning and restoration projects. Because of our experience and our industry-grade tools and equipment, we are able to quickly complete large jobs that would take your average weekend warrior days or weeks.

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But we do not prioritize speed over quality. Our chief goal is to do a job that exceeds our customers’ expectations. You will be amazed at the transformation we are able to achieve for your property. And we handle all the work ourselves. From roof tarping to upholstery cleaning, all you will need to do to get the chore taken care of is give us a call. Take care of your entire to-do list by calling (305) 849-1225 for restoration services in Florida Keys.