Bio Hazard Cleanup

Two men in hazmat suits.

Make your Property a Healthy Place Again

There are a lot of messes that everyday people simply don’t know how to clean up. And even if they do, it is rare that they are equipped to handle the job. That is why we have incorporated bio hazard cleanup services into our repertoire. We are trained bio hazard experts so there is no risk when you hire us. We will get the job done the right way and help make your home a safe and healthy place again. Connect with us for bio hazard cleanup in Florida Keys.

Bio Hazard Cleanup and More

Bio hazard cleanup is a serious business. If for some reason, your home has been exposed to industrial waste, gas saturation or communicable diseases, give us a call here at Fresh Start Restoration and Cleaning. You can call on us any time you need hazardous cleanup in your home or area. Our number is (305) 849-1225 so call us at the first sign of bio hazard exposure. We are the restoration company you can rely on.

Trust Our Services

We have been doing hazardous material cleanup in Florida Keys for quite some time and we offer one of the most comprehensive services in the area. We can safely clean up and get rid of hazardous materials such as:

  • Blood – Accidents tend to happen most in the home. If you want to make sure bloodstains don’t set and cause a health hazard, get in touch with us.
  • Medical Waste – We see it pretty often; someone who has spilled medical waste in their home while caring for an elderly loved one. It happens but it’s important to remove the hazard as soon as possible.
  • Bacteria Exposure – Dangerous and harmful bacteria is everywhere – even inside your home. Whether you are dealing with a chemical spill or organic bacteria, call on us.

And we are only scratching the surface with this list. For a full description of what we can do, give us a call at (305) 849-1225 to schedule an appointment for bio hazard cleanup in Florida Keys.