Mold Remediation Cleanup

mold remediation

Decades of Service

Our company began back in 1969. We started as a humble carpet cleaning service but through the decades, we have branched out into other types of cleanup service. We saw that many of our customers wanted consolidated and capable cleaning and restoration services. So we responded by compiling a menu of cleanup and restoration services that is second to none in the Keys. Today, we here at Fresh Start Restoration and Cleaning are one of the most sought out mold remediation cleanup companies in Florida Keys.

Save your Home with Mold Remediation Cleanup

When mold has invaded your home and threatened the safety of you and your family, we are the company to call. We can mitigate the health hazard of mold and take care of the damage it may have done to your house. Mold lives on organic materials in your homes like drywall and wood. It eats away at these materials so it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible. Call on us at (305) 849-1225 for reliable mold remediation cleanup in Florida Keys.

A lot of people don’t realize how far-reaching mold damage is. It can ruin entire rooms in your home, your floor and even your furnishings. That is why, in addition to mold remediation cleanup in Florida Keys, we also offer pack-out service. Pack out service typically goes hand in hand with the remediation process to minimize the damage of mold.

With our expert help and consultation, you will be able to keep mold from turning your home life into a nightmare. Even if mold has emerged in your commercial building, we can help. We offer our mold remediation cleanup service for commercial properties as well. So give us a call at (305) 849-1225 and make sure your home or business has a fighting chance against mold.