Pack Out Service

pack out services

In-Depth Pack out Service

When your home becomes damaged by mold, fire or water, your first instinct may be to move your possessions out of the house. And you would be on the right track. You may think about calling a moving company to get the job done but that would be a mistake. Although pack out service in Florida Keys may seem like a simple job, it really isn’t. It requires specific precautions so that your furniture and valuable items are safe from water and mold damage. This means special packing material, treatment, drying, and storage.

Reliable, Dependable, and Trusted

Here at Fresh Start Restoration and Cleaning, we provide in-depth packing services for property owners in the area. In many cases, these services will be needed in the mold remediation cleanup, water damage cleanup, and fire/smoke restoration process. Our packing and move out service is a way to preserve items in your home from succumbing to various kinds of damage. We carefully and securely pack your possessions and move them to a safe location. Use this specialized service by calling (305) 849-1225 today.

Why it’s Important

Besides minimizing loss, pack out service is important because many insurance companies will require it during the remediation process. It’s also an important first step to the restoration process. In order for crews to get in and work efficiently, your furniture items, appliances, and other knick-knacks will need to be moved out of the way.

Pack out service in Florida Keys may also be important for removing contaminated items out of your house. Our packing service is always done carefully. We will not damage your belongings in the course of packing and moving them. We can store and treat them in a safe, controlled environment and take a detailed inventory of what we pack. Get your restoration project started by calling us at (305) 849-1225.