Roof Tarping Service

An exposed roof after a fire.

Stem the Tide of Damage

A few missing shingles may not seem like anything to get excited about, but it can be the beginning of a big mess. Small roof damages can let in a ton of moisture when it rains which means water damage, possible mold growth, and a compromised structure. In order to prevent further damage, we offer roof tarping service for Florida Keys and the surrounding areas. Roof tarping is an essential service when your roof is damaged. It will keep rain, debris, and pests out of your home when there is a breach in your roof.

Why you Need Roof Tarping Service

Our roof tarping service in Florida Keys is fast and secure. Our goal is to minimize the damage so we act fast. Our crews can get to your home quickly and have a tarp on your roof in no time. We use premium tools and hardware in our work so that the tarp we put up, stays up. Take advantage of this important service by calling us at (305) 849-1225!

Covering sections of your roof with a tarp may be necessary for a number of emergency situations. Take a look at just some of the reasons you may need a tarping service:

  • Fire Damage – After a fire has blazed through your home, you may have a gaping hole in your roof. If the fire has compromised or weakened your roof in any way, tarping may be in order.
  • Water Damage – Keeping moisture out of your home is essential to prevent further water damage. A leaky roof could be a major hazard. Quick, temporary tarping can provide a barrier of defense against water damage.
  • Debris – If you have overhanging tree limbs on your roof, you may want to tarp it before the next big storm.

Our tarping service is affordable and easy. Secure your home by calling (305) 849-1225 today to schedule an appointment for our roof tarping service in Florida Keys!