Storm Board-Up Service

Strong winds blowing palm trees.

Helping you Batten Down the Hatches

Not everyone has storm windows but if you live in the Keys, you need to protect your windows somehow. You never know when the next tropical storm is going to push through so be prepared by having our number saved in your phone. We are Fresh Start Restoration and Cleaning and we offer storm board-up service in Florida Keys. We try to be as helpful to people as possible and we know that this is an essential service. Let us help protect your home and your loved ones.

Our storm board-up service is affordable. We don’t want to charge a premium for a service that we view as vital to the safety of our community members. You can count on fast, secure and affordable storm board-up service every time you hire us. To get help before he next big storm, just dial (305) 849-1225.

Safety and Security are our Priorities

Safety is a top priority for our company. Not only do we want to help keep you and your family safe from high winds and broken glass; but we do work that is safe as well. Anyone can nail a 2 x 4 to a window frame but it takes precision and care to do it without causing damage. We carefully board up your windows so that even upon removal, there will be not damaging to your home.

We practice safety when we work too. Even if you need a lot of windows boarded up on a second or third story level of your house, our crews are safety trained, briefed and use essential safety gear. We take care when administering storm board-up service in Florida Keys because we know that a careless job will result in weak window protection and damage. Call on us at (305) 849-1225 to secure your home.